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Copper Coin Brookhaven has returned to Call-In Ordering. If you would like to place an order ahead of time, please call 404-600-8340 and a Team Member will be happy to place your order!

“We regret to inform our followers that we will no longer be utilizing the services of GrubHub. Copper Coin has always maintained a neutral stance in every aspect of society whether it be race, religion, gender identification, political view, or any other difference one may hold with another. Copper Coin is an equal opportunity company and fully supports an equal opportunity workforce. After careful consideration of the statements made by the CEO of GrubHub, we have made our decision to sever ties in our partnership because as an Equal Opportunity Employer we cannot and will not affiliate ourselves with or do business with any company who infringes the rights of or discriminates against their employees.

In light of all that we are experiencing in our nation today, we would like to express that no matter who you are or what your background may be, we at Copper Coin welcome you with open arms and we are thankful everyday for the opportunity we have to be a part of your life and be a part of our community.”

Changes effective 11/12/2016



Join every first Wednesday of the month at Copper Coin Brookhaven for Wine Wednesday and Smop’s Pops!











*The Community Room is a Copper Coin Woodstock amenity only.


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