Our Story

In the simpler days of our youth, we would wander to the railroad tracks to place pennies in a row along the rails. Then we would watch in anticipation as the train approached to flatten our coins. After it passed, we would search for our treasures in the rubble and store them away with our most prized possessions.

Copper Coin is a place to reclaim a simpler time. To rediscover the tokens and moments that mean the most to us. To embrace our inner child and enjoy the anticipation of a treasure. To let go of our hurries and worries and reclaim life. Introducing Copper Coin, an experience to treasure.




How’d we get here?

Copper Coin was born from Woodstock Coffee House on Towne Lake Pkwy Woodstock GA in October of 2010. We were offered an opportunity to work with a wealth management company, Acru Money + Life, to relocate to downtown Woodstock in May of 2011. After a few years of great success, growth, and the need to expand our brand we decided to put together a business plan for our 5 year expansion. We are currently in the process of adding to our Woodstock location to provide the local community with breakfast, lunch, craft beer, and wine. We aspire to have this phase of Copper Coin in place over the coming year.

What story will you start here?

– a new business idea
a new song
– a new relationship
– a new career
– or something else


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